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The best all-around pitching and training tool for youth baseball/softball at any price!

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What is the Sling Pitcher?

The Sling Pitcher pitching machine is the most versatile, affordable and easy to use softball and baseball pitching machine on the market. Our manual pitching machines can reach speeds up to 70 mph. Great for fast pitch softball, baseball, little league teams, youth teams and family fun! Sling Pitcher is quite simply an exceptional training aid for both softball and baseball. Our manual pitching machines come with a carrying case as well as additional add on accessories. Additional accessories include a sling turret and the sling guard for your safety and protection. An old saying goes, invention is the mother of necessity. Here at Sling pitcher we believe our pitching machine is the most competitively priced pitching machine on the market.

Standard pitching machines are expensive, heavy, and require electricity. Who has an electrical outlet on the pitcher's mound? Introducing Sling Pitcher®, a inexpensive, lightweight and non-electrical pitching machine. Our baseball pitching machine is very versatile. It is also used as a softball pitching machine, as well as pitches plastic and foam balls from 15-80 mph, and can launch pop flies over 150 feet in the air. So if you are looking for a baseball pitching machine, you have come to the right place.
Baseball is a sport that requires constant practice to obtain perfection. In today's economy, spending thousands of dollars on a new baseball or softball pitching machine is not feasible. This is why we have invented manual pitching machines that are affordable. Our entire goal is to provide great manual baseball and softball pitching machines. Has baseball been a passion for many years? Baseball is a passion of ours here at Sling Pitcher. We help make baseball practice affordable. By inventing a pitching machine that is portable, now you can keep coach from wearing out his arm pitching. Our pitching device streamlines not only batting practice, but also defense. Standard electric pitching machines require electricity at a set facility. Our pitching machine is portable so practice can take place at even a local park.

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